10 high paying jobs you can do while studying

Are you looking for high paying jobs you can do while studying? Getting a job while studying is the best way to earn money to cover expenses and pay for bills, however, finding a job that perfectly fits around your study schedule is advisable and important.

Here are 10 high paying jobs you can do while studying. Each job suggested, looks great on your CV and allows you to work part time so you can work while studying. These jobs can be found on websites such as Indeed and Kijiji.


1.Teacher’s Assistant

Teacher Assistants are employed to assist professors with various tasks such as tutoring fellow students, working on paperwork and projects. However, students who apply for the role must have good grades in the course subject. The salaries for this job usually starts from $15/hour.  


2. Website Design

This role involves developing and designing websites for clients or businesses. You can do this as a freelancer or for a company. Most website design jobs allow you to work remotely so you don’t have to be present at the workplace allowing you work from home and save time in the process. The salaries for this role range from $18/hour – $30/hour.


3. Tutoring

If you enjoy teaching people, this is a great role for you. A typical tutoring role would involve teaching, creating course documents and presentations. You can work privately, at a high school or in a university. Students who apply for this role are required to have experience in teaching and good grades in the course subject. Although the salary for this role depends on the course subject, applicants can receive a minimum of $50/hour. 


4. Nanny

This role is great for students who enjoy being with kids. The job role involves taking care of kids, preparing meals, planning outings and playdates, assisting with homework and assignments and sometimes housekeeping. Applicants are required to be emotionally intelligent and know how to effectively communicate with children. Some roles may require you to also have a CPR certification. The pay for this role starts from $20/hour.


5. Server or Bartender

This is the most common job amongst students as it offers a flexible schedule for students. This role involves serving food and drinks at restaurants, hotels, bars or at events. Companies usually offer minimum wage for this role which is $13.85/hour in Canada. However, students can earn more from tips.


6. Customer Service Representative

 This is also a common job amongst students and provides valuable skills and experience essential in your career. Tasks mainly include assisting customers with questions and complaints, handling orders and providing information about products or services. Applicants in this job can work at shopping malls, grocery stores, banks etc. This role also allows student work flexible shifts. The pay for this role varies but usually starts at $10/hour.


7. Photographer

If you enjoy taking pictures, editing images and developing digital content, this is the right job for you. You can work as a portrait photographer, taking pictures at weddings or schools or a university photographer, taking pictures at graduation ceremonies. This role allows you to work as a freelancer or in a company.  Hours are usually flexible in this role and the salary varies starting from $20/hour upwards.


8. Bookkeeper

This job is great for students who have a mind for math. You can manage financial transactions, process invoices and receipts and more. Applicants can earn anywhere from $12.70/hour.


9. Library Assistant

This job allows you to work on campus and have access to textbooks and study materials for free. Applicants have the tasks of assisting the librarian with administrative duties, arranging shelves and organising materials. The salary for this role starts from $15/hour.


10. Graphic Designer

If you study art or are looking to get into graphic design field, Graphic Design would be great for you. Tasks include, discussing project requirements with clients, developing advertisements, logos, creating and designing art concepts. Working as a Graphic Designer allows you to work flexible shifts and is great in developing your portfolio and CV.  Applicants can earn from $29.31/hour in the role.