10 Summer jobs for students

A summer job gives you the opportunity to experiment and tryout different career opportunities, gain valuable experiences and skills and make money during the summer.

In addition, students can also gain soft skills such as learning to arrive on time, showing respect to others, providing customer service, handling criticism and taking initiative. However, even though you are unsuccessful in getting a job, you can gain useful experience completing job applications and attending various interviews. These skills will help you boost your interview and job applications skills in the future. 

Presented below are 10 summer jobs students can apply for during the summer. They include:

Forest Firefighting

Your role as a Forest Firefighter would mainly involve working with a supervisor and team to develop tactics to control forest fires. Based on your experience, you will also operate and maintain skidders and bulldozers, dig trenches and pump water onto burning areas. To work in this position, the minimum educational requirement needed is a high school diploma. The salary for this role varies and is based on your level of experience and education, but ranges from $20 – $40p/hr.


Tour Operators

This role is great for students who would like to gain the opportunity to travel across Canada, arrange and promote events or holidays, work with hotels, airlines and transportation companies to create great travel experience for customers. Responsibilities in this role usually include providing customer support, handling reservations and recording reservation plans for the company.  Students can earn between $15.00 to $17.00/hour in this role.



Working in a marketing role during the summer will provide you with valuable practical experience to add on your resume and networking connections that will aid in your work search in the future. Under the supervision of a marketing manager, your role would involve, assisting in the management of marketing operations, preparing proposals, planning events and researching marketing strategies. Requirements for this role include, experience using marketing computer software and working with social media platforms, in addition, you will need to possess excellent verbal and written communication skills. Student can receive $20 – $22 /hour working in this role.


Drop shipping

Dropshipping is business model that involves finding the right products to sell, taking the orders of customers and sending them to a supplier. The supplier then handles shipping the orders to the customers. This is a great summer job for entrepreneurial students as it is a business that is easy to start, can be managed from anywhere and requires little costs to manage since the supplier handles the shipping of the orders, you only have to focus on the costs of running your website. The profit margins for drop-shipping can range from 15%-100% based on the type of product you sell.



If you enjoy teaching and you are knowledgeable in a particular subject, tutoring during the summer is a great job and a great way to make money on the side. This job will enable you gain valuable experience to add to your college applications or on your resume and allows you to set your own hours. As a tutor, you can charge your rates or work in a school or educational institution and earn up to $50/hour.



To work as a lifeguard, you are required to possess first aid training, CPR certification, bloodborne pathogens training, and basic water rescue training. This is a fun role that allows you to work outdoors in a fun environment. If you are a good swimmer, able to work alone and pay attention to detail, lifeguarding is a great summer job for you. Students can earn $15 – $20 in this role.



During the summer, people leave their pets and head over to their favourite holiday spots. As a Dogwalker/Pet-sitter, you are tasked with taking care of people’s pets and watching over them as if they were your own. Your responsibilities may include bathing, feeding and taking the pets out for works or for medical check-ups. If you enjoy taking care of animals, have previous experience and several positive references from family and friends, this is a great role for you to earn $15 – $20 /hour during your summer.


Retail Sales Associate

A Retail Sales Associate role involves greeting customers, answering enquiries, offering help to customers, suggesting items, providing information and providing effective customer service. Students applying for this role are required to possess a college degree, have understanding of sales guidelines and customer service practices and be proficient in verbal and written English language. This role offers wages ranging from $13.50 – $20 /hour.


Administrative Assistant

An Administrative Assistant has the responsibility of providing administrative support to managers, other employees, and office visitors and ensuring that all communication between the organization and customers or employees are positive and productive. Requirements for this role include possession of an associate degree in the related field, prior administrative experience and computer skills, especially making use of Microsoft words and Excel. Student can earn $13.2– $22.2 /hour in this role.



Although you may earn little to nothing for your time during an internship. Gaining an internship in an industry that you are interested in can be a source of getting valuable experience and knowledge that would be beneficial in your career prospect. You can make your internship experience unique and more valuable by interning abroad. This experience on your resume will enable you stand out and be more desirable to employees during your job search. It is also a great way to gain practical experience, build valuable professional connections and benefit from the first-hand exposure of working in the real world.