Campaign Booster

Dreams & dedication are a powerful combination.

5 tips to collect more money faster:

Look your

Make a memorable first impression.

Here’s a quick checklist:

  • Is your campaign title catchy? Make sure to include your first name.
  • Is your main image/video inviting? Use a bright clear image.
  • Does your story inspire? Explain why your future is important.
  • Do you “look” smart? Fix any spelling/grammatical errors  
TIP: A picture says a thousand words. Update your photos and videos regularly to keep your audience engaged. 

Show your costs.

Add a budget of your school expenses.

School is expensive! That’s why you are asking for help. Let everyone know how much your tuition is, what your books cost and your yearly rent amount. When donors see what their money is helping with they are more likely to give. 

TIP: Remember to show amounts for food, transportation and any other big expenses.

Ask for what you need.

Let everyone know how much $ would make a difference. 

$5? $10 or $20? Don’t be afraid to ask for what you need! (within reason of course…as long as you are not being greedy!). 

TIP: Try this:
“Hi friends, I thought I’d change things up a little so this month I am doing a $5 drive to help cover my first year tuition. If you’ve got an extra $5 to spare please donate to my campaign. I promise you I will work hard and pay it forward when I graduate! Let me know what you gave up to help me out at school”

Keep 'em

Post regular updates. 

Let everyone know how you’re doing. When you update your campaign regularly it let’s friends and donors know you are serious about school. When they are reminded about your greatness they may be inspired to donate again or pass on your campaign to friends.

TIP: Make updates from your campaign dashboard.

Get the word out

Share your campaign everywhere you can.

Share through social media, through friends and word of mouth. Create a personal email message that includes your campaign link and send it to all of your online connections.

TIP: Remember to ask parents and friends to share your campaign on Facebook – a lot of your donors still use it!

Have you tried something that gave your campaign a boost? Let us know here.