EduFunder™ Guarantee

Empowering a brighter future…

EduFunder Guarantee


EduFunder™aims to empower people to fund a better future for themselves. We strive to provide a safe & inspiring opportunity for students of all walks of life to save more money for their education.

EduFunder™ wants to do good in this world. We want to help others succeed and change the way people across the world value education. 

Campaigns are based on the honor system. If you know of anyone abusing or misusing EduFunder™ please consult our Terms or contact us here.

PayPal information must be correct to receive donations. Donations made to an incorrect address will not be reimbursed/refunded.

Unfortunately, we cannot be responsible for any campaigner’s use of funds once they are processed by the platform. Life is short. Let’s help each other when we can, and hope that through our generosity we can make a bigger difference in other people’s lives. 

“As we let our light shine we inspire others to do the same.”