Our Rules

Play nice!

EduFunder is designed to help students raise money for school.

If it is suspected that an account may be fraudulent or offensive to others it may be removed at our discretion without recourse.

  1. Accounts may be removed if they contain content that is racist, sexist, exploitative, derogatory, rude, mean, or violent, or contain imagery with nudity, violence or offensive material.
  2. Campaigns not related to education will be removed.
  3. Campaigns may be removed at the request of a minor’s parents.
  4. No money will be refunded or compensated for removed accounts. Any donations received prior to the date of removal of an account are automatically deposited into the campaigner’s account and will not be reimbursed to the donor.
  5. Please review all terms and conditions and legal before filing a complaint.
  6. Complaints about the abuse of Edufunder Campaign may be made here.