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Be the game changer.


Create YOUR best campaign.



What should you call it?


First impression is everything!

Your campaign title is the first thing your friends and family will see when your campaign is shared live so make it memorable. Choose a title that is simple, smart and includes your name, a call to action and a future goal.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Allan’s Big Ask –  help me become an Engineer

  • Join Jennifer’s journey to University!

  • Back Benson’s teaching degree 

  • Support Maria’s next step – Med School!

  • Support Sophia’s tuition for Princeton!

TIP: Write out 20 different titles and pick the best!


What should you say?


Tell it Like it is, keep it short & simple, and be honest.

It takes courage to share your story–to let others know what makes you unique, what you want to do with your life, and why an education in your future matters. IT’S YOUR CAMPAIGN…WHAT YOU SHARE IN YOUR CAMPAIGN IS UP TO YOU.  And remember you are not a charity case – you ARE the future and want to be smart about it. Let everyone know that everyone’s future is important to you and that an education will help make it even better.

  • Start with a bold vision statement like “The world needs more doctors!” or “Music CAN change the world.” – the rest of your story will build a case as to why YOU are the one who will make it happen.
  • Introduce who you are what you want to do with your life and why the future will be won with you in it.
  • Share what you want to study, what school you want to go to and how much it will cost.
  • Explain what led you to choose this path –  what inspired you? What do you love learning? How have you already been working towards your goals? Is there anything else that proves good standing? Do you volunteer? Get good grades? Excel in other activities? 
  • Let people know what a donation will go towards. Tuition? Books? Living expenses?
  • Thank your viewers for making a donation, and ask them to share your story so that you can share a brighter future with everyone. 
TIP: Make sure to spell check your text and scan for any grammatical errors.


How can you make YOUR campaign stand out?


Give people a reason to give.

The more people understand why they should believe in you the more likely people will want to support you. Here are a few must-haves for a captivating campaign:


A picture says 1000 words! Add photos of:

  • you studying
  • the school you want to go to
  • your latest project or masterpiece
  • you volunteering

And hey… make sure to clean up your social media sites. Most people aren’t going to give you money if they see photos of you smoking, partying or being belligerent… just saying.

TOOL: Find out how to take a flattering photo of yourself  here.



Video is priceless! 

  • 92% of video viewers share with others
  • 70% of online users watch videos
  • 57% of people will donate to a fundraiser after watching a video!

So tell it like it is. Share your vision for what you want YOUR future to look like and why you are worth helping out.

TOOL: Learn how to edit a video with Pocket Video


What are THEY saying about you?

90% of Americans report that online testimonials influence their decisions so give them something convincing! Testimonials from teachers, coaches, employers, co-workers, or mentors can help build your credibility and earn you more trust and donations. 

TIP: Need a great testimonial? Ask who ever is going to write it for you to brag about your best qualities in 1 or 2 sentences. This keeps your testimonials short and sweet but compelling!



Give them the proof!

How else can you build a case for a better education? 

  • include a budget of school related expenses so people know exactly what you need money for

  • share a resume of past achievements, volunteer work and awards 

  • list any bursaries, grants or scholarships

TIP: Maintain your privacy! Make sure not to post any personal info like your address,  telephone number, driver’s license, or SIN card. 


CREATIVITYImage result for inspiring quote creativity

Give people a gift.

Anything you can include that expresses your commitment to your education will help people decide if they want to donate to your campaign.

  • a website portfolio of projects, works in progress or masterpieces
  • graphics, diagrams, infographs or illustrations
  • share a podcast, an informative link, an inspiring reference or an inspiring quote

Whatever you do just remember to be authentic just be you.


And don’t worry, IT’S NOT AN EXAM!

Your campaign doesn’t have to be perfect! You can add and edit your campaign at anytime. Just do your best, launch your campaign, and make updates/additions as you go along.

TIP: Update your campaign regularly to engage your audience and inspire them to donate.