Trust & Safety

Trust & Safety

EduFunder™ exists to help people around the world raise money for their education.  Our goal is to provide a safe, secure, and trusted platform that is an essential part of achieving that mission. Every day, Edufunder is designed to give everyone a chance to raise money for their school expenses regardless of age, sex, culture and financial background. It’s a global collaboration built on transparency, trust, and a passion for creating a brighter future.


We have safeguards in place

Your trust in EduFunder™ is important. We do our best to help you have a positive and safe experience. We work closely with payment leaders to ensure your funds are processed securely and efficiently.

In addition to these routine reviews, our team also investigates real-time feedback and concerns from our community and partners. We hold our campaign owners accountable, from identity verification to monitoring communication and transparency with donors. EduFunder™ does not tolerate abuse of our system and takes appropriate action necessary to maintain the integrity of our platform.

Please report any abuse or minus of Edufunder™ here.


Your role in bringing new futures to life

We believe that every person deserves an equal shot at educational success and that great things happen when people are offered a chance to succeed. It’s a journey that requires trust and transparency at every step. And like every meaningful journey, this one can have both risks and rewards. We’re committed to equipping every campaigner with the tools not only to create and ultimately deliver a successful project,but also to keep their community of donors in the loop, including when things don’t go as planned. It’s with this transparency and support that great futures come to life.


Transparency and communication

Providing a trusted platform is a two-way street. We expect everyone to comply with our Terms & Conditions and keep the lines of communication open and honest. Not doing so may jeopardize the confidence and trust of the community who is excited to support educational ventures and see people succeed!


Do the research

Learn about a student’s vision for their education. Review the story (look for the “Risks and Challenges” section), profiles, updates, and comments to get a good sense of what you’re backing and to feel confident in your decision. Find out what stage a student is in—from just tossing around ideas to showing a genuine commitment —to help assess risk. Read tips for how to evaluate a campaign.

Ask questions

To follow up with students you are backing, you can contact the campaign owner at any time with a direct message or comment. The comments allow you to follow feedback and Q&As between the campaign owner and other backers throughout the campaign’s progress. Learn how to contact a campaigner.

Report concerns

If something looks wrong to you, tell us! We encourage our community to report suspicious activity and voice concerns via the Support page or the “Let us know” link on every campaign. Our Trust and Safety team monitors feedback and takes action if needed to protect our community.


Paint the full picture

Give contributors peace of mind and the confidence in backing your educational goals by including detailed information about your team, qualifications, and track record. Be open about the risks and challenges. The more information you provide upfront, the more potential contributors will see you’re trustworthy and committed to seeing your goals through.

Engage contributors

Keep everyone informed of your progress or setbacks through commenting, direct communication and frequent updates. Engaging contributors will help establish trust, while a lack of communication may result in backers losing faith and possibly changing their minds. Learn tools and tips for creating a campaign.


We are here to support you

We understand that people encounter obstacles, and unforeseen circumstances may prevent campaigners from being able to fulfill. Thus is life. But giving someone a chance at getting a better education, to do something meaningful, is a good thing. It may mean we can all have a brighter future.

EduFunder™ does not guarantee that contributions will be used as promised, that campaign owners will achieve their goals. However, if our Terms of Use are violated, we will take action on behalf of our backers to make things right.

EduFunder™ does not resolve disputes, nor do we offer refunds once funds have been disbursed. It’s the entrepreneurs’ responsibility to provide as much information to potential backers as possible, and up to backers to decide whether or not to back a project.

We are here to support you. You can access Support or contact us at any time. Our amazing Customer Happiness agents will reply promptly!


You make this platform extraordinary.
Together we keep it safe.