Why EduFunder™?

Because students ARE our future.

STUDENTS NEED more money for school

Students can expect to pay between $3,000 and $30,000 per year depending on what they study. 

  • $37,000 USD = average student debt  
  • 14 years = time it takes to pay off
  • 1.3 Trillion = student debt owing 

Maybe we need to rethink the value of education and help each other out a little more?


Over $60 Million dollars has been raised online by students looking for help with their schooling. Why pay your life away for school when there might be friends and family (and maybe even strangers) that want to help you out right now?   With an EduFunder™  you can easily invite people to donate to YOUR education so that you have money for school and end up with less debt. Now that’s being a smart student!


Edufunder™ makes it easy

You can start an EduFunder™ campaign in minutes. We make it easy to tell your story, showcase your goals and share with social media. At anytime you can edit your campaign or post an update. Once you’ve launched your campaign to the world, watch donations come in live to your WePay account 24/7.

"Even if you only raise a few hundred dollars, every penny counts. You need money for tuition, books, food and rent. EduFunder can make a big difference."
Matt Schield


Start school with more money in your pocket and graduate with less debt. Your future self will thank you!